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Bob Mahon

Just by exploring this page, we know that you truly care about what you put into your body. At Emmy Nutrition, we knew that having deeply researched, proven scientific studies to base our products on was not enough. Many companies offer numerous supplements based on the data these studies show for various ingredients. But oftentimes, they include only the bare minimum amount each nutrient needed to appear on the label. This practice enriches these companies at your expense, leading to your frustration and disappointment without even moving the dial on your health, your complexion or the way you feel. Emmy Nutrition is different.

The founder of Emmy Nutrition, Bob Mahon, believed that only when you combine the finest quality ingredients at effective, functional levels, all based on proven, scientific studies, can you begin to see the real benefits of using the supplements you take. Whether you’re looking to enhance your appearance, help with joint pain, boost energy, or just feel better overall, Emmy Nutrition has the best supplements available.

Just like you, we know that having the best is usually more expensive. To create remarkable results for you, we invest far more in the research, development, and ingredients that go into each and every one of our products than most other nutritional supplement companies out there. And, giving you the best ingredients in the proper form is key to our success. After all, taking a pill but only absorbing 10% of the ingredients inside of it doesn’t help you get the results you’re looking for. This is why we use a master chemist to help us create the most effective supplements available.

All of our products are professionally developed and crafted in a state of the art facility here in the United States. This highly secure facility is continuously monitored for temperature and humidity to ensure your products are at their best when you receive them.

At Emmy Nutrition, we are committed to offering only the highest quality, functionally effective supplements for you. We believe that you deserve no less, and only offer the best in nutritional supplements based on proven science.

Our Chemist

Meet Our Chemist

Jeff Currington

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and nutraceutical industries, Emmy Nutrition lead chemist, Jeff Currington, is in charge of crafting our incredibly great tasting and superiorly effective line of scientific supplements for today’s conscious consumer.

His knowledge in blending delicious flavorings with the finest bioavailable nutrients has given Emmy Nutrition the definitive edge in today’s competitive marketplace. As the VP of Research and Development at one of the largest state of the art cGMP facilities in North Texas, he also ensures that our products are manufactured to exacting standards and tested for efficacy, so that you receive the very best of Emmy Nutrition every time you order.


The Science & More

At Emmy Nutrition, we pride ourselves in sourcing only the finest ingredients available from around the world. Only those ingredients validated by extensive clinical research make it into our formulations, allowing us to deliver the best in nutrition and supplementation.

We utilize decades of industry knowledge to source only the highest quality materials of superior efficacy from the leading raw material suppliers around the world.  The quality ingredients we source deliver superior functionality and fortification for all your health needs.

Based on the ingredients used in the formula, we determine the choice of delivery system, i.e., liquid, tablet, capsule, or powdered drink mix. For example, those that are not tolerable to taste, or need to pass through the stomach and into the small intestines for better absorption, are more suitable in tablet or capsule form. For those formulations that taste good or have very high dosages, we create a powdered drink to mix with water or juice. No matter what delivery system we choose, it is always based on what offers you the most benefit by providing the greatest absorption possible.

The premium ingredients in Emmy Nutrition’s formulas are there for one reason only – to help you accelerate your health and life through the science of supplementation. For that reason, we never allow cost as a barrier to using the finest ingredients at the highest levels.

We know that without our customers, we have nothing, so we continue to research and blaze the path of delivering natural quality products that are proven to work and exceed your expectations every single day.


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