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How? Well, let's Cover the Benefits.

Aside from having a compelling green tea flavor, the benefits behind X-Cite are based on the science that led to it’s creation. Here’s what our expert team focused on when developing X-Cite.

Immediate & Long Term Energy

To ensure you stay focused all day, emmyNutrition’s master chemist also added NADH, so that the drink can go straight to work for you, for an immediate energy boost. And, since the half-life of the proprietary NADH is five hours, you don’t have to worry about your energy and focus fading out when you need it most.

Improved Concentration & Focus

Emmy Nutrition’s X-Cite Energy Drink couples clean caffeine from whole coffee cherries (coffea arabica) with the amino acid, L-Theanine, to boost your energy and alertness, while its combination of essential B vitamins support your memory and concentration, so you can handle whatever your day throws at you.

All Natural & Healthy

X-Cite is also infused with Green Tea, Matcha Tea, and American Ginseng for their beneficial catechins and polyphenols, which have been shown to support increased energy and improved memory.

X-Cite has no colors or dyes and is flavored and sweetened using only natural, low-calorie ingredients and tea extracts that won’t raise your blood sugar.

"If you’re looking to power up your life from workout to workday, emmyNutrition’s X-Cite Energy Drink has you covered."

Here's what people are saying since switching:


I drink energy products on a weekly basis and I just recently stumbled across Emmy Nutrition's energy drink and decided to give it a try.

Instant energy within 10 to 15 minutes absolutely a smooth non-jittery boost of energy that lasts 5 to 6 hours with no crash at the end I love this stuff and I'll be a regular customer!


The energy hit me within minutes. Clear, crisp and no crash.


Ever since switching to x-cite energy I feel my days have been more productive and the best part is you don't crash!


I could definitely tell an energy difference within the first few minutes and it lasted far longer than I expected it too. I really like the flavor of the drink too.

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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Vincent C

The most amazing product !!! I am in my 60’s, have tried dozens and dozens of products, and X-Cite is by far the most impressive I have ever used.

I actually thought it wasn’t working at first because I was so used to the “sledgehammer” effect/rush that you normally get from these lower quality products that have propagated the fitness marketplace. However, to my surprise and enjoyment, my alertness and energy level actually increased on an hour by hour basis – quite astounding! Best of all, these was no rebound or “crash” that I usually experience with all the other products.

Last but not least, the product tastes great, mixes easily, and can be transported anywhere at any time while taking up almost zero space.

Vince C

 by Dani A.

Love love love! I’m focused and energized which helps so much with long work days. It’s a great pre-workout too! 10/10 recommend

 by Hector

Awesome product! Great for those early mornings!

 by Ryan Turano

Let me start by saying that I’ve been a personal trainer with a focus in scientific nutrition for the past 8 years. After studying the product, each and every ingredient is actually beneficial in this product WITHOUT the use of artificial caffeine and fake ingredients that other energy drinks have in them.

X-Cite is PURE, tastes amazing, and is so good for you. I drank this in the morning to wake up, focus, and get some work done… and then drank another right before working out and I felt amazing.

I had other trainers taste and feel the effects as well, and they 100% agree with me. This stuff is amazing… I’m never going back to fake energy drinks.

 by Susan

Thank you for delveopming this healthy alternative to other energy drinks or caffeine! I love that it tastes good and give me energy while being healthy! It’s easy to take one of the packets and add it to a bottle of water. Makes those days when I am multi-tasking a lot easier to deal with or those days when I did not get enough sleep the night before. Highly recommend this!

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